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SHIP Cohort Three Clinic Application


September 18, 2017

Dear Idaho Healthcare Provider,

On behalf of the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare (IDHW), and as the Governor appointed chair of the Idaho Healthcare Coalition, it is my pleasure to extend to you an invitation to complete the Statewide Healthcare Innovation Plan (SHIP) Final Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Application, expressing your desire to participate in SHIP Cohort Three.

SHIP is a $40 million-dollar grant funded by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) and a statewide effort to transform Idaho primary care clinics to the PCMH model of care and integrate these clinics effectively into local and regional medical health neighborhoods. Over the past two years, Idaho has recruited approximately 110 clinic sites in efforts to assist 165 clinics by the end of the grant term. Cohort Year Three begins February 1, 2018 and will be the final cohort of the SHIP grant.

Joining the SHIP represents an important opportunity for primary care physicians to evolve clinics to achieve the quadruple aim of improved healthcare, improved health outcomes, reduced healthcare costs, and increased job satisfaction amongst primary care providers. This final PCMH application will be used to evaluate and determine the third wave (cohort) of clinics selected for SHIP participation. Selection criteria are based on key transformation standards and elements thought to increase the chance of successful PCMH implementation and potential recognition. These criteria include: provider champion engagement, geographic location (within each of the seven Idaho Public Health Districts), rural vs. urban/suburban service area, electronic health record utilization and connectivity, commitment to quality assurance and performance improvement, and familiarity of the PCMH model of care.

Previous experience with clinic recruitment has taught us to collect selection criteria items as well as readiness assessment information during the application process. This permits readiness information to be shared with the SHIP PCMH technical assistance contractor after final cohort selection. Selection criteria question text will appear in BOLD, while readiness assessment questions will remain in plain text format. Please respond to all questions honestly, in real-time, and as accurately as possible; answers provided to readiness assessment questions will not be viewed or considered by the Department selection committee. The selection committee will receive de-identified responses when reviewing applications for participation.


All applications are due by the close of business Friday, October 13, 2017. The application is web-based (due to its size and scope) and has built in branch logic, so only those questions that apply to your clinic will appear. TO COMPLETE THE APPLICATION, VISIT:

  • Any clinic providing primary care services may apply.
  • Users completing the application online may save their answers and return to the application at a later time to continue their work; it is essential that users access the site from the same computer each time.
  • The selection committee is composed of IDHW staff from various divisions. IHC members are unable to participate due to the Bribery and Corruption Act (I.C. § 18-1361A).
  • A complete PDF copy of the application is available for reference upon request. Please contact the SHIP team at 208-334-0600 or via email at
  • Final notification of clinic selection for Cohort Three is anticipated to occur during the month of December 2017; additional instruction and next steps will be provided at time of notification.

How will participating in SHIP benefit you and your clinic? Some advantages offered to primary care physicians and clinics that participate with SHIP include:

  1. TRAINING AND FINANCIAL REIMBURSEMENTS: SHIP offers a unique opportunity for Idaho primary care physicians and clinics to take advantage of training resources and financial reimbursements to support the challenge of practice transformation. Clinics selected to participate will receive staff training, technical assistance, and practice-specific coaching from PCMH subject matter experts in transforming to the PCMH model of care. In addition to this strong technical assistance support package, there are financial reimbursements available, including a reimbursement payment of up to $10,000 per clinic site upon enrollment with SHIP and completion of required documentation. Additional reimbursement funds are available related to 1) achieving national PCMH recognition and 2) incorporating elements of a virtual PCMH.


  2. DATA CONNECTIVITY: SHIP has a strong emphasis on the use of electronic health records and data to improve quality of care. Participating clinics will also be connected to the Idaho Health Data Exchange (IHDE), so they can access patient data from other providers and share their patient data to improve care coordination across the broader healthcare neighborhood. This one-time connection fee will be at no cost to participating clinics.


  3. SUSTAINABLE PAYMENT ENHANCEMENT OPPORTUNITIES: SHIP has engaged both private and public payers to redesign the way payment is made to clinics participating in the SHIP. Participating payers include Blue Cross of Idaho, Regence, PacificSource, Select Health, Idaho Medicaid, and Medicare. While amounts to be paid and methods of payment vary from payer to payer, all payers are committed to changing the way they pay for patient-centered care, recognizing that volume of visits doesn’t necessarily result in well-coordinated, high quality care. Additional payment methodologies include a variety of approaches proposed by payers participating with SHIP, such as per member per month (PMPM) fees, total cost of care payments, chronic care management fees, pay for performance, and shared savings in addition to traditional fee-for-service.

The number of clinics selected will be directly tied to grant resources, funding and current change capacity.

If you have additional questions or need further information, please contact Kymberlee Schreiber at or 208-334-5577, and please visit the Idaho SHIP website at

Thank you for your time and interest in this important transformational grant.


Ted Epperly, MD

CHAIR, Idaho Healthcare Coalition